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April 2013

Anonymous asked

who's ur fav celeb? why? and do u like water?

That’s not a question you can ask me it’s not something I can answer tbh. I feel like this is gonna be a long essay.

Justin Bieber; So my obsession with him is pretty obvious, and I can’t even put into words the way I feel about him because to begin with, you’d probably think I’m an insane psycho stalker. I’ve always been a belieber, from the very start, and I can honestly say that I genuinely love him for the person he is. I know everyone says he’s changed and become a douchebag but personally, I don’t see it because he’ll always be that adorable asshole who does the cutest things in the world. Like the time he put his donut box on the trash can and then ate them like wow he’s such an idiot. He does so much for his fans like even though he’s constantly on the move he’s always tweeting us and following us and making sure he’s always in our hearts. After all, he is a kid on the road. He has been for most of his life. While we were out socializing, doing school work, or whatever, he was out there working and doing things none of us could even imagine doing. There are so many things that he’s done that I could list down but they would probably just get me extremely emotional, like Avalanna would have to be the biggest example. Sure, you could say he did it for publicity, but if you’d really heard him talk about her the way he did, you could tell he genuinely cared about her and that’s what makes him so amazing. Then Cady. There was absolutely no compulsion for him to take notice of her but he did. He took her to the Billboard awards and made it one of the best nights of her life. We can’t forget the kind of things he does for Selena. The time he rented out the staple centre for a date. It’s not that he does this kind of stuff because he’s famous, as he really doesn’t have to. He does it because he’s genuinely a wonderful person and that’s why I love him so much and will probably keep loving him no matter what people say about him or make him out to be. For me, he’ll always be that amazing guy I’m always gonna be in love with. 

I swear I’m not batshit crazy I love him so much it’s unhealthy. So I guess it is him. My favorite celeb, I mean.

Now my favorite group’s One Direction and I could literally write that much about them too but my fingers hurt. Esp Harry bc sigh can we not talk about harry w/ fans and harry w/ kids my feels right now ugh.

I don’t drink water I drink this other flavored water called “Blue”. It’s peach flavored and yummy. 

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